You will find on this site various lesson ideas and activities that can be done in class prior to a visit. These should help promote an understanding of what the Bell Barn is and how it came to be.

Upon arriving you will be greeted by an educational guide who will look after you throughout your visit. There will be spaces available for student storage (backpacks, coats, boots, etc). Depending on your choice of programming; various expectations will be addressed to your class. When you arrive guidelines for a safe visit will be shared.

We have wheelchair accessibly only to the first floor of the barn. There is a separate building (a replicate of one of the Bell Barn Cottages) that is our washroom facility. There are souvenirs for sale at our entrance kiosk.

No, we do not have any food service on site. Packed lunches are required. Spaces for eating your lunches will be discussed upon your arrival (e.g., Picnic outdoors or upstairs in the loft in the case of inclement weather)

If you are looking to have a catered lunch... you might want to use these contacts:

  • China Garden Restaurant 695-2793
  • IH Wooden Nickel 695-2163
  • IH Bakery 695-3797
  • JV Restaurant 695-2737
  • A1 Pizza 695-5040
  • Dairy Mart 695-2030
  • IH Ice Cream Parlour 695-2603

Teachers and adult supervisors will be given FREE admission to the Bell Barn. Also, when booking, consider the Loan Box as a possibility to enhance your teaching experience. Once a booking has been accepted, teachers will be offered a further FREE COMPLIMENTARY VISIT to help in their planning and preparation, if they so wish.

Well, don't get us started!!

Indian Head Swimming Pool can be booked for a refreshing bit of fun! (695-2742)

If you would like to consider more historical experiences, the Indian Head Museum is a must see! They have many exhibits, including, an original Bell Barn Cottage, the Jubilee School, military collection, a garage, and mechanical shop, CPR collection, farm implements and many artifacts of everyday life . (695-3908)

The Indian Head Sports Hall of Fame is an incredible collection of Saskatchewan, and Canadian sports memorabilia. (695-2490)

There is a gazebo in the town center park to enjoy, as well as the Elks Park for children to run and play!