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1884 Arthur Henry Sykes (1841-1926) Bell Barn - 25 Aug 2010 - Korvemaker Bell Barn - Korvemaker - 14 April 2010 Bell Barn Grand Opening - 24 July 2010 - Korvemaker Bell Farm Braithwaite British Association British Association Tour Captain W.R. Bell at Wimbledon Captain W.R. Bell in uniform Cheadle Chief Pasqua Cree Dawson; Geological Survey Dublin F.H. Jones Fream Fremantle; Royal Mint Houston Insects Ireland James Harris Knechtel Laurie; North-West Rebellion of 1885 Michael Milton Oregon; steam ship; British Association Tour Ottawa Field Battery Parisian; steam ship; British Association Tour Polynesian; steam ship; British Association Tour Selwyn; Geological Survey Sollas; Trinity College Stephenson Veterinary Surgeon W.R. Bell portrait