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FREAM, Professor William - British Association Member - 1884

register-entry-103-dr-william-fream.jpg ThumbnailsRegister entry 103 - <b>Dr. William Fream</b>ThumbnailsRegister entry 103 - <b>Dr. William Fream</b>ThumbnailsRegister entry 103 - <b>Dr. William Fream</b>ThumbnailsRegister entry 103 - <b>Dr. William Fream</b>

Professor of Natural History at the Royal Agricultural College, Dr. William Fream paid visits to Canada in 1884, 1888, and 1891, to examine agricultural conditions, describing his findings in a series of papers. These include the pamphlet "The Gates of the West" (1892), "Across Canada: a Report on Canada and its Agricultural Resources", written for and published by the Government of Canada (1885), and, in two parts, ‘Canadian agriculture’, which appeared in the Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society in 1885.

In 1888 Fream received an honorary LLD from McGill University. Fream was a professor of Natural History at the Royal Agricultural College, a founder of the College of Agricultural at Downton and a correspondent for The Times.

His book: "Elements of Agriculture", first published in 1892, has proved to be one of the most enduring of all textbooks in his time. He died in May 1906, at age 51.

Professor Fream also signed the Bell Farm Visitors' Register on Sept. 14, 1884 (entry # 103)





A Report on Canada and its Agricultural Resources 1885

Obituary: https://archive.org/stream/wiltshirearchaeo34arch#page/436/mode/2up


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