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1883 - Grand CPR Tour to Western Canada, including the Bell Farm

1883 - 28 Sept - Shareholder and Insurance Gazette, p. 12 - train drawing - Copy (2).JPG Thumbnails<b>Anson, Canon Adelbert (later: Bishop of Qu'Appelle)</b>Thumbnails<b>Anson, Canon Adelbert (later: Bishop of Qu'Appelle)</b>

In August 1883, the Canadian Pacific Railway Company initiated a tour of its senior management across Western Canada to see how progress was proceeding on the railway's construction to the Pacific Ocean.

According to the St. Paul Sunday Glove, sixty-six CPR officials and other dignitaries visited the Bell Farm after their trip from Montreal to the Rocky Mountains, including the following:

• Angus, Richard B., 2nd VP of the CPR
• Anson, Rev. Canon
• Anson, Hon. C., Montreal
• Archibald, Hon. A.G., Nova Scotia
• Armit, W., Secretary, HBC
• Bliss, George, New York
• Bottle-Wilbraham, Edward, Earl of Lathom
• Brodrick, Hon St. John, England - MP
• Cassils, A.
• Cassils, C.
• Castletown, Lord
• Cochrane, Senator Matthew Henry, Ottawa
• Cutt, B.
• Donaldson, W., Glasgow, Scotland
• Dufus, James B., Halifax
• Egerton, Col., London, England
• Elphinstone, Fullerton, William Buller, Lord Elphinstone (director of the Northwest Land Company)
• Gleichen, Count
• Grenfell, Pascoe du P., London, England, CPR Director
• Hamilton, J.B., Essex, England
• Hill, Staveley Hill, QC - MP
• Hohenlohe, Prince - of Prussia
• Jones, J.
• Kenney, Thomas Edward, Halifax
• Kingscote, Col., C.B. - MP
• Kirkpatrick, Hon. G.A. - MP
• McClellan, A., Glasgow, Scotland
• McDonald, H.
• McIntyre, Duncan, 1st VP of the CPR
• Potter, Howard, New York
• Reynolds, T., London, England
• Robitaille, Hon. , Lieut. Gov. - of Quebec
• Simpson, Professor P.A. , Glasgow University, Scotland
• Sibbald, J.G., New York
• Smith, Donald A., Lord Strathcona, Montreal, CPR Director
• Smithers, Charles Francis, Pres. Bank of Montreal
• Stephen, Sir George , Montreal, CPR president
• Van Horne, Sir William Cornelius, Montreal, CPR General Manager
• Walrond, Sir John, Baronet, Devon, England:


"St. Paul Sunday Globe", p. 1, 26 Aug. 1883)

Train Drawing - 28 Sept. 1883 - Shareholder and Insurance Gazette, p. 12


Frank Korvemaker, Regina, Saskatchewan