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Register entry 014 - Richard Sykes

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Visited the Bell Farm on August 8, 1884. In 1882, Richard Sykes (1839-1923), an English capitalist of Stockport, England, who began purchasing North American land in 1880, lived between England and the States, eventually permanently settling in Santa Barbara, California.

In Canada, Sykes established a large farm northwest of the Bell Farm, near the present town of Edgeley. He initially bought 31 quarter sections of land from the CPR, and gradually extended that to 125 quarter sections (or 20,000 ares).

Sykes was among the first group of 15 people to sign the Bell Farm Visitors Register on August 8, 1884. Sykes also established large farms in North Dakota, as well as several communities which he named after various family and places in England: Sykeston, Bowdon, Edgeley, Chaseley, and Alfred. Sykes also owned land in Iowa, Oregon and California.

Edgeley Farm in Saskatchewan was managed on Sykes' behalf by William C. Cameron, a native of Scotland, until the Farm was sold off in 1903.

Although Sykes was reportedly a regular visitor to the American farms; to date he is only known to have visited his Canadian farm on three occasions.


Photo Source: taken in 1906

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