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The Bell Farm was a corporate venture, officially known as the Qu'Appelle Valley Farming Company, and included a number of investors and employed many people, both for farm purposes and for construction and maintenance.  Major Bell also employed a large number of First Nation people to help operate his farm.  The images in this Album focus on the Investors - while Album 750 deals with the people who worked and lived on the Farm.  Images of people who have been identified are presented in alphabetical order, after the general farming photos and sketches.

Among those who are known to be Investors and Directors are the following:

Investors in 1884:
William R. Bell, Brockville, Ontario - 1100 shares
John Northwood, Chatham, Ontario - 1000 shares
Hermann J. Eberts, Chatham, Ontario - Trustee - 500 shares
William Northwood, Chatham, Ontario - 275 shares
William J. Howard, Chatham, Ontario - 275 shares
Andrew Northwood, Chatham, Ontario - 250 shares
Joseph Northwood sr, Chatham, Ontario - 250 shares
Henry Smyth, M.P., Chatham, Ontario - 200 shares
Robert Crawford, Brockville, Ontario - 100 shares
Thomas C. Elwood, Toronto, Ontario - 100 shares
Edmond Burritt, Easton’s Corners, Ontario - 100 shares
William R. Thistle, Ottawa, Ontario - 100 shares
Charles F. Haughton, Winnipeg, Manitoba - 100 shares
Maria L. Jackson, Chatham, Ontario - 100 shares
Edgar Dewdney, Qu’Appelle, Lieut. Gov of NWT - 100 shares
Salter M. Jarvis, Qu’Appelle, NWT - 60 shares
Michael Houston, Chatham, Ontario - 50 shares
Hugh Malcolmson, Chatham, Ontario - 50 shares
George K. Atkinson, Chatham, Ontario - 50 shares
Harriet Northwood, Chatham, Ontario - 50 shares
James B. Todd, Chatham, Ontario - 50 shares
Arthur W. Vowell, Cassiar, British Columbia - 50 shares
J. Burwell, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA - 50 shares
Robert Z. Rogers, Milford, Manitoba - Trustee - 50 shares
Herman Eberts & Robert Rogers - 40 shares

Directors in 1882:
John Northwood, Chatham, Ontario - Farmer
Hugh Malcolmson, Chatham, Ontario - Grocer
Wm. R. Bell, Qu'Appelle, NWT - Farmer
H.J. Eberts, Chatham, Ontario - Gentleman
Andrew Northwood, Chatham, Ontario - Merchant
Wm. J. Howard, Chatham, Ontario - Maltster
Thomas C. Elwood, Toronto, Ontario - Electrician

H.J. Eberts - Secretary-Treasurer
W.R. Bell - General Manager
John Northwood - President
Hugh Malcolmson - Vice-President

Directors in 1884:(alternate address)
Major W. R. Bell, Manager (Indian Head)
Duncan McArthur, President (Winnipeg)
Hermann J. Eberts, Chatham, Ontario – Sec and Treas. ((Winnipeg)
William J. Howard, Chatham, Ontario, Vice President (Winnipeg)
William R. Thistle, Ottawa, Ontario
Edgar Dewdney, Qu’Appelle, Lieut. Gov of NWT (Regina)
Arthur F. Eden (Winnipeg)
W.L. Boyle (Winnipeg)
George Towner, Toronto
Charles G.L. Kelso, Toronto and Minnesota
Robert Crawford (Indian Head)

New Director in 1885:
William Lewis Boyle - President of Company

New Director in 1887:
William Rae Allan - Bell Farm Director


Prospectus for the Qu'Appelle Valley Farming Company, May 12, 1882

Qu'Appelle Valley Farming Company Ltd, proprietors of the Bell Farm: President's Report - 9 Jan. 1884 (held at Winnipeg)
Saskatchewan Archives Board: Court Records – Bell Farm 1885 - 02 - R-1266-file 1085 - Box 10


Michelle Cabana , Saskatoon, Sask. and  Frank Korvemaker, Regina, Sask.