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A unique group of settlers to come to the Bell Farm stated that they arrived before Major Bell and his entourage arrived in June 1882.  Known as squatters, they staked out land claims to areas that they hoped to homestead themselves.  Between 1882 and 1883 their dispute was arbitrated among several representatives for both sides. The matter was finally resolved on Nov. 20, 1884. Some of the squatters identified to date include:

•    John Boyd
•    Charles Braithwaite
•    Edward J. Brooks
•    Robert R. Coleman
•    J.D. Jewitt
•    Hugh S. McLeod
•    William McLeod
•    John Stevenson
•    Stephen S. Stiles
•    George Thompson


As with the Visitors' Register album, most of the information and photos for the entries in this album have been located and provided by Michelle Cabana, of Saskatoon, with assistance from Frank Korvemaker, Regina, Sask.