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Members of the British Association held their Annual Convention in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1884.

On Sept. 6th they, along with some family members and a few others, left Sarnia, Ontario and headed into the Canadian West.  While the total number of people in the party was 117, only about 30 of them signed the Bell Farm Visitors Register.

The party stopped at the Bell Farm on September 14 while travelling on a special CPR train from Winnipeg to the Rockies. The train included seven sleeping cars.

The entries that follow are presented in alphabetical order.

Several lists exist detailing who went on the Wesrern Tour, One of these lists identifies the following members:

Lawrence Parsons, the 4th Earl of Rosse, Sir Richard Temple, Major General Laurie, Dr. Ashe, The Bishop of Ontario, Prof. J.P. Sheldon, Prof. Fream, Prof. B. Dawkins, Dr. Royle, Dr. W. P. Cheadle, Prof. H. Shaw, E.B. Elliott, Miss Winch, C. Calder, W.M. Beauford, A.S. Reid, G. Johnson, V. Kinaham, J. Symes, Professor J. Macoun, M. Rivard, G. Slater, R.C. Pilling, T. Hare, S. Bourne, A. Robertson, R.S. Broker, R.M. Barrington, A. Kinnear, H.M. Muller, E. Frankland, C.C. Prance, W.H. Pallows, M. Blair, A.W. Scott, H. Marsh, S.S. Turner, Prof. Macadam, G. Chatterton, G.P. Hughes, Miss Stalker, H.T. Menwell, A.W. Bennett, J.A.W. Oliver, W.A. Blackhouse, C.C. Leach, R.C. Brown, J. Cameron, C. Swanford, M.C. Clark, R.G. Brook, W.J. Sollas, Rev. H.H. Winwood, J. Robbins, Rev. H. A. Pickard, E.F. King, D.A Louis, W.H. Leach, J.H. Handle, Rev. H. Swanzy, F.H. Stockwell, Dr. McNab, Edgbert de Hamel, J. Bourdas, R.A. Robinson, H. Bowerman, H. Dubois, W. Hurst, A.D. Ottwell, S.E. Donson, S.W. Blowman, J. Frewson, C. Lawrie, T.H. Thomas, W.H. Merritt, J.F. Taylor, C.H. Kelmand, S. McIntyre, A. Desjardines, G.H. Longstaff, W.H. Leach, W. Unwin, W.S. Fellow, E. Withers, S.F. Harmer, Mrs. McIlrie, F.W. Harmer, C.A. Hirshfelder, Dr. A.C. Maybury, O. Jones, M. Brown, E. Fransworth, T.W. Newman, A. Traile, W. Brownshard, W. Topley, J.D. Crawford, J.W. Leahby, B. Williamson, W. Whitaker, Rev. Canon Ellegood, E.W. Jollas, R. Hazzard, W. Anderson, Mrs. Anderson, George and Jasper Anderson, Grace and William Anderson, F. Fargeau, F. Cummings, M. Argue, C.M. Pitman, A. Tate, Rev. H. Jones.  (Mr. Alexander Begg, General Immigration Agent for the CPR in London, England, was also with the party.)  Dr. Thorburn and Miss Thorburn of Toronto were also on the trip.

At least one male member (Robert G. Brook) had a camera along and took photos; while artist Thomas H. Thomas, who accompanied the tour, made illustrations for "The Graphic" newspaper - including a sketch at the Bell Farm.


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https://archive.org/stream/cihm_09228#page/n45/mode/2up   Bell Farm visit by Alfred Pegler includes a great description of his hotel stay at Indian Head: 36,37-39,50,52,60 and 83


Michelle Cabana and Hannah-Rose Cabana, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan