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2013 was another successful season for the Bell Barn Society.  The Barn was open from 10am to 4pm for a total of 109 days from the Victoria Day weekend to Labour Day plus weekends in September, and by appointment at other times. Approximately 3,100 people visited the Barn, about half through daily admissions, and the remainder in rentals and special events. The majority of daily visitors were from Saskatchewan, approximately 25% from other provinces and 5% from outside Canada.

Two University students and a number of local High School students were hired to operate the Barn on a daily basis. Their duties also included looking after the shelterbelt trees, assisting with the Lobster Supper and Annual Dinner Auction, and giving guided tours to school classes and other visitors.

In May 2013 the Society hosted another very successful five course Lobster Dinner with 200 people attending, this has become an annual event.

The Society used the Barn to host a Barn Dances in June, July, August, and September.

In July we also hosted our Annual Dinner Auction with 200 people in attendance. This was our last Dinner Auction for a while and included our ‘Mortgage Burning Ceremony’.

The Bell Barn continues to be a work in progress and last year we planted a number of trees in the grounds, built some picnic tables and expanded the vegetable garden. Some outside exhibits were also added including a Threshing Machine, Horse Drawn Disc and Cultivator, and a walk behind Plough.