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Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster an appreciation and natural curiosity within a learner friendly environment by instilling in others the desire to preserve out past for our future generations.


After the completion of the Bell Barn structure, it became apparent that educational programming would be the next important step. An initial meeting outlined the direction we hoped to go. Andrea Jones, Gwen Johner, Jan Delage, and Eva Morrow undertook the project.

Student Activities at the Bell Barn

The following themes are applicable to Divisions One and Two curriculum content. We have chosen themes for each grade, but they can be adapted to your classroom needs. Each teacher led visit will include a walk outside the Barn, and a tour of the interior.

Kindergarten: The Farm

The story of Farmer Duck will be used to tell the story of a day in the life of a farmer. A variety of hands on activities will be shared and there will be opportunity to use the dress up box as well.
Kindergarten Resources

Grade 1: Plants

Following a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, students will discuss why we need plants, and why the Bell Farm was important. Students will engage in various activities that will illustrate the way plants grow, what plants need to grow and the diversity of plants and seeds.
Grade 1 Resources

Grade 2: Local Community – Then and Now

Students will share photographs and maps of the local community and discuss changes over time. They will also construct a simple 3D structure of the barn as part of a mapping activity.
Grade 2 Resources

Grade 3: Structures and Materials

Practical activity that promotes problem solving and critical thinking as to why farmers need barns, why they are constructed from certain materials and why some barns in Saskatchewan are circular.
Outdoor activity:- groups construct a low circular structure using rocks.
Indoor Activity (inclement weather):- groups making table top tipi or igloo.
Grade 3 Resources

Grade 4: The Development of Communication

Students will discover how the Bell Farm used one of Alexander Graham Bell’s inventions in everyday communications and will take part in an activity challenge to investigate which instrument makes the clearest call.
Grade 4 Resources

Grade 5: Discovering history from photographs and objects

Students will have opportunity to look at photographs, maps and other documents to compare present day to the past. Main activity will be “What is this?”:- A-Z artifact quiz, using items supplied by Indian Head Museum.
Grade 5 Resources

Grade 6: Location and Grid

Students will have opportunity to look at a variety of old maps prior to taking part in “The Amazing Race”:- treasure hunt for clues to obtain the necessary co-ordinates to plot and complete their final task.
Grade 6 Resources


Teachers will be able to make use of our Loan Box that will include photographs, a teacher resource folder containing background information about the Bell Barn, relevant website links and photocopiables that will help support lesson planning when including a visit to the barn as part of a unit.

**You will be charged if the loan box is returned late or if items are damaged or missing**

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please contact us.
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