Kindergarten Resources

  1. Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories — Amazing interactive website about animals from around the world from National Geographic.
  2. Finger Print Art - National Geographic Little Kids — Art activity where by students use their fingerprints to create animals.
  3. Farm Animals Beginning Readers Books: — A wealth of farm related themed activity books that can be printed and coloured by students.
  4. Bétail/Livestock Book, A Printable Book in French — French version of the livestock printable book.
  5. SparkleBox | Where does wool come from? — Posters that show the sequence of where wool comes from and the original process (spinning wheel) of making woolen yarn.
  6. SparkleBox | Farm Animals — Farm Animals – themed resources. Vocabulary flash cards, animal photographs, classroom signs and theme banner and much, much more. Free download.
  7. Down On The Farm - Theme Unit - Lessons, printables, and much more! — Amazing amount of farm related themed picture books, resources and links to free printables.