Grade 5 Resources

  1. Saskatchewan Settlement Experience — Brief outlined lesson activities support Saskatchewan Social Studies and History curriculum for grade 5 units Identity, Heritage and Interdependence. Site contains a wealth of information, documents and photographs to help discover about this province’s past and its people.
  2. Walk Through Time - BBC Education History - Age 7-9 — History Begins with Living Memories: homework activity to promote discovering about the past through oral history. There is a link that gives examples of other students’ interviews. Whilst this is a British site, the examples given will help support the students in their activity.
  3. Extraordinary Aboriginal Creations - Music McCord Museum — Extraordinary Aboriginal Creations interactive quiz – identifying artifacts from the correct definition.
  4. Archaeology for Kids — All your students have ever wanted to know about archeology and more! Plus an extensive bank of teacher resources of free lesson plans, video clips, PowerPoints, and interactive games.
  5. Maps from the Atlas of Saskatchewan: 1969 and 1999 Celebrating the Millennium Editions This web page provides historical maps and information showing cultural settlements in early Saskatchewan.
  6. Celebrating Saskatchewans Heritage, web resources for teachers and students on Saskatchewan's History Celebrating Saskatchewan’s heritage with links to many useful and grade related social history sites, including First Nations’ culture and artifacts.