Grade 4 Resources

  1. Bell, Alexander Graham - The Canadian Encyclopedia — This link provides background information about the inventor Alexander Graham Bell.
  2. YouTube - Alexander Graham Bell Museum, Nova Scotia, Canada — Short video clip of the Alexander Graham Bell Museum, Baddeck, Nova Scotia.
  3. Historical Timeline of Canadian Telecommunications Achievements PDF
  4. Mr Collinson's Grade 4 Science - Light and Sound — Twenty-four lessons, student worksheets and answers that support a topic of sound and light.
  5. Learn about the Ear | — Student friendly site which is free to join and can be used both in school and at home to research information.
  6. CanTeach: Science: Physical Science - Make a Sound Viewer — How to make a sound viewer – clear instructions to demonstrate vibrations of sound.
  7. Hearing and Sound | Asset | wonderville — Student activity hearing test to determine the direction of a sound.
  8. BBC - KS2 Bitesize: Science - Physical processes — Interactive game, information and quiz for changing sound and pitch.