Grade 3 Resources

  1. Our Roots / Nos Racines — Ideas for lessons and activities after researching about barns in Saskatchewan and as follow up activities to site visit.
  2. Crafts: Houses and Other Dwellings — Links for instructions to constructs a barn, silo, tipi, house and other dwellings.
  3. House Making Crafts for Kids — Craft construction ideas and many useful links.
  4. Wonderville: Build A Tipi — Interactive animated website with links that supports knowledge and understanding of the building of a tipi. (Alberta)
  5. Bridges by Grade 3 — Unit of work with examples of students’ work that supports the theme Structures and Materials: Constructing a Bridge. (Alberta)
  6. Structures & Materials — Two lessons plans that support the theme Structures and Materials, and the concept of recycling. With relevant links to SARCAN.
  7. The Three Little Pigs - Science Web Quest — Webquest challenge for group work focusing on Rocks and Minerals, can also support the unit Structures and Materials. Suggested for Grade 4 but could be used for Grade 3 lesson planning.