Grade 1 Resources

  1. Plants & Teaching Resources — Free downloadable themed resources:- vocabulary flash cards, life cycle of plants posters, photographs, colouring sheets, activity ideas and much more.
  2. Jack and the Beanstalk — Supporting resources for Jack and the Beanstalk:- visual aids for retelling the story, sequencing story pictures and prompts, alliteration speech bubble activity sheets and much more.
  3. Jack and the Beanstalk Lesson Plan Printable Activities, Coloring Pages for Preschool — BBC online animated retelling of the fairytale plus other relevant links to support science – How (seeds) plants grow, literacy, and art and crafts.
  4. Plants - — A wide range of seed, plant and flower themed printable books, activity ideas, quizzes and colouring sheets.
  5. Flowers at — Art and crafts ideas for flowers, activity sheets and also a sheet of the names of flowers in French.
  6. BBC - Schools Science Clips - Ages 5-6 — Interactive quiz to support learning about the needs of plants and how they grow. Also other science related topics quizzes and activities. (Grade 1)
  7. BBC - Schools Science Clips - Ages 6-7 — Interactive quiz to support learning about plants and animals in our local environment. (Grade 2 but can be used for differentiation in Grade 1)
  8. Needs and characteristics of living things — Lesson plan: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things, plus supporting worksheet and video link. This lesson promotes recycling.