New Bell Farm Discoveries

Although the Bell Barn has been reconstructed, and an interpretive program relating to the Bell Farm history can be experienced at the Barn, the history of the Bell Farm is far from being fully documented and understood. New information relating to the Farm's operation and to the people involved with it between 1882 and 1896 continues to come to light. Constantly changing the interpretive panels to accommodate this new information is not practical, but posting the results of our discoveries on this website is.

Therefore, this portion of the website will feature new discoveries as they come to our attention. Some may be historical documents, such as letters, reports, maps and photographs. Others may be artifacts, such as the original newel post on display in the Bell Barn. These discoveries can relate to any aspect of the Bell Farm's rich and varied history, including topics such as Major Bell's: family, colleagues, business associates, sporting associates, employees and /or the Bell Farm and Canadian agriculture, as well as various other intriguing ventures with which the Major was associated. No topic will be excluded.