Surveyor's Field Notes

Title: Report from Field Note Book: inside cover and actual report

Date: 14 July 1882

Surveyor: Zepherin C. Dupuis, D.L.S (Dominion Land Surveyor)

Source: Information Services Corporation (ISC) - Survey Field Book # 1928

Comments: After the Qu'Appelle Valley Farming Company was established in 1882, the Company hired a land surveyor to locate and mark the Company's holdings in the Indian Head region. That surveyor is referred to in this official federal Department of the Interior surveyor's report. Surveyor Dupuis starts by saying "When I began the work on the third of July last, I saw some surveying being done by Surveyor Karr who is employed by a company called the Qu'Appelle Valley Farming Company."

Surveyor's Field Note Books and other associated maps and plans from the Department of the Interior often provide clues to people who may have witnessed certain activities. In this case, Surveyor Karr was busy staking out the lands allotted to or purchased by the Qu'Appelle Valley Farming Company – the formal name for the Bell Farm. As federal surveyor Zepherin Dupuis did not document any actual buildings on the Bell Farm operations, it is likely that none had yet been completed between July 3 and 14, 1882, when he laid out the road allowances and quarter section points throughout the future site of the Bell Farm land holdings.

Subsequent research indicates that Karr's real name was Henry Carre.

Field Note Book: inside cover
Field Note Book: actual report